LeekMadeIt Foundation

The Mission

This organization shall provide philanthropic & charitable services through impactful voluntary efforts making a difference in the Atlanta Metropolitan Community. 

Giving Back

Who said giving back can't be fun and fashionable? Check out the friends and family of the LeekMadeIt Foundation (LMF) making sure we enjoy where we live, work and play.

It is extremely fun and prideful keeping S. Fulton clean together by beautifying the community and feeling accomplished.

Sleek Day 2024


1:00PM - 7:00PM

          Young People 

Young adults often have an independent spirit and enjoy being able to show off their skills as well as contribute ideas for future projects; this allows them to lead our communities!


There are many young people who have dreams of becoming a creative artist through photography, film, video, digital graphics, UX/UI design, and fashion, but don't see a way to achieve those dreams. The LeekMadeIt Foundation wants to provide opportunities to our future generations who might not realize their potential and give them the courage to pursue their dreams in creative artistry while helping and serving others in their communities.

LeekioMadeIt so YK it's Hard!

LeekMadeIt T- Shirt  

LeekMadeIt Stainless Steel Water 17 oz

LeekMadeIt Stainless Steel Black Tumbler 20 oz

Contact info@leekmadeitfoundation.org to get more information on upcoming projects, events, and collaboration initiatives.

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